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Our newest products

When developing new solutions, the customer benefits are always the focus for Wacker Neuson. In fall 2021, the company will be presenting new products and optimizations of time-tested and proven construction machines and equipment that make everyday work on the construction site easier.

The largest excavator in the Wacker Neuson portfolio, model ET145, is now equipped with a new engine, with which the tracked excavator fulfills the currently applicable standards of emission standard stage V. In application, the excavator’s 55.4 kW engine offers a high level of digging power with low consumption. The 15-metric ton excavator continues to impress customers with its ideal combination of performance, mobility and stability. Up to five auxiliary control circuits, of which three can be set individually, allow the use of a wide variety of attachments – for a high level of flexibility in everyday construction site work.

The time-tested and proven wheel loader models WL60 (74.4 kW) and WL70 (100 kW) are now also equipped with engines meeting emission standard stage V. The machines, with an operating weight of six or seven metric tons and a bucket capacity of 1 and 1.1 cubic meters, are powerful helpers for heavy materials handling. They stand for performance, operating comfort and ergonomics, and are ideally suited for year-round application.

In addition, Wacker Neuson is presenting innovations in the area of zero emission construction equipment. In the meantime, three battery-powered rammers, six battery-powered plates and an internal vibrator system are powered by the same high-performance lithium ion rechargeable battery. Especially for the internal vibrator with battery-converter backpack (ACBe), a new battery-powered model by the name of BP500 with an energy content of 500 Wh is now available. With it, the weight of the backpack system has again been reduced by approximately 3.5 kilograms, to 10 kilograms. This means an even higher level of operating comfort for the operator.

For the lithium ion battery, a new standard battery charger is now available. Using this, the charging time for the most powerful battery, the BP1400, which can be used for all zero emission compaction machines, is only 4.6 hours. It can charge the new battery BP500 in only 90 minutes. Intermediate charges can be carried out even faster, which makes application of the electric compaction machines even more flexible.