External vibrator AR26 in use on construction site

External vibrators for consolidation of in-situ concrete ARFU26: For quality exposed concrete to satisfy high expectations

For the production of concrete surfaces, flawlessly consolidated concrete is essential. The high quality design of Wacker Neuson's AR26 with integrated frequency converter offers precision concrete consolidation. The result: beautifully smooth and level concrete surfaces on walls, pillars and columns.

External vibrator ARFU26 with integrated frequency inverter studio image

Integrated converter

  • The ARFU can be connected directly to any 230 V socket. No separate converter is required.
External vibrator AR26 in use on construction site

Small, compact and light

  • The compact and lightweight construction of the housing make the external vibrator quick and easy to mount.
Illustration Wacker Neuson RPM-stable motors

Asynchronous motor with stable speed

  • Due to the stable speed and powerful electric motor, the machine delivers reliable performance under continuous use.
External vibrator AR26 studio image from front

Sturdy design

  • The vibration-proof and sturdy design ensures a high level of reliability and safety as well as a long service life.

More Features

Illustration Wacker Neuson running time unlimited

Maintenance free

  • The external vibrator is equipped with lifetime lubricated bearings and is completely maintenance-free.

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