Battery-powered, single-direction vibratory plate

Battery-powered, single-direction vibratory plate WP1550e: Battery-powered compaction professional

The WP1550e is the powerful professional for long-term application. The battery-powered vibratory plate works without any direct exhaust gas emissions, which protects the operator and the environment in equal measure. Thanks to the centrally affixed guidance rail and the specially-designed base plate, the vibratory plate can be effortlessly turned. Thanks to the DireX direct drive, the Wp1550e works without V-belts and is therefore completely maintenance-free.

WP1550e base plate

Optimally shaped base plate

  • The rounded edges minimizes material buildup when turning the plate to ensure a smooth, quality asphalt surface.
DireX direct drive

Efficient drive system DireX

  • The Wacker Neuson DireX direct drive does not require a V-belt and thus achieves high efficiency and long running times.
  • The V-belt as a typical wear part is eliminated, thereby reducing operating costs and costs for spare parts.
Illustration ecology zero emission

No exhaust emissions

  • The operator is not exposed to any exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can be used without restrictions in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces. For the operator, work becomes more pleasant and healthy than with fuel-operated machines.
  • Because the machines are emission-free, new applications open up in areas with special requirements for environmental friendliness.
Vibratory plate WP1550we

Control handle

  • The central attachment of the control handle makes it possible to turn the machine effortlessly. Due to this, a higher level of working comfort and efficiency are possible.
  • The frame can be swiveled forward, which allows pulling the machine, e.g. on slopes.
Battery-powered, single-direction vibratory plate

Battery One battery system

  • Battery One is a standardized and user-friendly battery system that focuses on the CO₂-free and sustainable use of construction equipment.
  • Battery One batteries and battery chargers can not only be used in all battery-powered electric equipment by Wacker Neuson, but also in the construction equipment of other manufacturers. The idea: A battery standard simplifies construction site operations enormously, as only one battery and one charging system need to be considered in construction site logistics.

More Features

WP1550e base plate

Base plate made of nodular cast iron (GJS700)

  • The base plate consists of very sturdy, durable material, thus reaching a long service life.
  • The high grade material of the base plate contributes to producing perfect surface quality in asphalt compaction.
Vibratory plate WP1550we

High travel speed

  • The high travel speed ensures high productivity.
Battery driven machines start by the push of a button

Easy start

  • The battery can be started easily and reliably with the push of a button, even at low temperatures or at altitudes. Starting with the push of a button is much more convenient than starting with pulling a cable.
  • After switching the device off the battery actively remains in standby mode for five minutes. During this time, it is possible to put it into operation again by simply pressing the start button - without the need to separately activate the battery. This makes the start procedure even simpler and more comfortable.
Vibratory plate WP1550we

Constant power output

  • The machine performs consistently throughout the entire discharging phase of the battery- from the first to the last minute of work.

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